The Mangos Method

I'm sure we have the same goal: have a bulletproof financial strategy for our future. One that MAKES US MONEY without having to work for it! Imagine not needing to work as we get older! That's the problem I'm solving. The actual method for pulling that off? Well, it involves a bunch of things related to investing in real estate, and it's all in this program, right here. Want in? Sign up below.

Your future self (currently sitting on a beach) is thanking you!!

Get the Method. Build your wealth.

The Video Series that led to the Mangos Method

Leading up to the Mangos Method, I created a series of 4 videos to help understand a bit more about what this is.

Use "Other People's Money"

By using some of yours and wisely using mostly "Other People's Money", you can create a lifetime supply of reliable rental income. I've done this. I'll teach you that won't have to worry about working for the rest of your life, and you can still fund the life you want to live. You'll need to be open to change and I'll help you build the confidence you need to absolutely CRUSH IT in the passive-income world.

Teaching you how to fish. Not giving you a fish.

An ancient Chinese Proverb says: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. My goal is to teach you how to achieve more by sharing everything I know about the smart way to invest. You will learn HOW to fish, so that you can feed yourself and your family forever.

How this all started

I was tired of not being in control of my own future. So I decided to draw a line in the sand. I witnessed - first hand - how a man lost his future, because his employer decided to lay him off a few short years before retirement. I vowed to never let that happen to me or my family. That led me on my path to eventually discovering the Mangos Method: investing the smart way, not the hard way. The Mangos Method is a strategy I've created to guide you down the same path that I'm on towards indefinite passive income.

Build SIGNIFICANT wealth

You'll come out understanding what investment options we all have, the tax implications of each, and the net result to you. Through webinars with me, Donny Mangos, you'll learn step by step how I once bought a triplex (3-unit rental home) with the money I could borrow from my own home, paid for a renovation, and then had my lender pay me back pretty much EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR I put in to buy this. The end result? I now own an income producing cash cow, it cost me next to nothing in the end, and I have over $140,000 in equity that I created this way in under 6 months.

Get rich while wearing pyjamas

The Mangos Method is taught via LIVE webinar. Doesn't matter where you are - or where I am. I'm here to deliver the goods to you regardless of where you are (or what you're wearing). No commuting, no traffic issues and no excuses! 

I'll even record the webinars for you to watch later (or watch if you missed it live).

Wealth WILL be made. Did you want some of it?

This is one of those moments. One of those life-changing "Sliding Doors" type moments. You can choose to educate yourself on real-life non-theoretical, uncomplicated ways of building your wealth and choose a better future. Or you can reject it and let someone else build their wealth.


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